Lucy Cole - CEO of Love Life coaching

Lucy Cole – Founder of Love Life Coaching & Events

I am a fully qualified Trainer, Master NLP & Hypnotherapist, with certified certifications in Personal Evolutionary, Health Coaching and Emotional Health Coaching.

I launched Love Life Coaching & Events Ltd in 2020 which specialises in Grief and Trauma Recovery to give the people the help I never had.

I can now share my knowledge, experience & inspire people to come through these very difficult times, from darkness to the light.

Why choose grief coaching over grief counselling?

As a grief-focused life, emotional & health coach, Trainer & Master Practitioner in NLP & Hypnosis, Personal Evolutionary & NLP Coach, Trauma Informed Coach, having developed coaching programmes for both adults & children. I provide compassionate support and guidance to help individuals navigate the challenging journey of loss.

My services aim to empower clients to cope with grief, process emotions & pain, find healing, and rediscover a sense of purpose and joy in their lives. Through personalised 121 & group sessions, I offer a safe space for expression and provide practical tools & techniques to navigate the emotional complexities of grief, fostering resilience and growth. Providing you with life tools to manage your emotions, pain, heal your mind, body, soul & move your life forward.

My life changing traumas and parent’s illnesses

We can relate to your situations and help heal you.

In 2015 Lucy faced many hardships when it came to grief which included her miscarriage on new years day which left her distraught and upset but then followed her mum’s diagnosis of brain cancer which she later passed away in the October.

Whilst trying to deal with the loss of her mother, she found her step-father dead after suffering a heart attack, we want you to know amongst all of this there is always a road to healing and recovery. Let our grief to growth programme help you in your time of need.

Bereavement Icon - My journey
Financial difficulty - love life coaching and events

Battling court cases and financial difficulty

It doesn’t have to be hard, let us heal your pain and push you forward.

During the same year, Lucy was then faced with another hardship the breakdown of her marriage In which she left her husband and her marital home. This led to a very costly court case and extremely painful divorce.

This led to her not being to sustain her business, finances and was facing bankruptcy, with so much pain experienced she was left feeling completely broken. 

How my grief to growth programme helped me

We are your guide to a full healing state, we say yes to growth.

With all of these hardships Lucy began to have spouts of depression and anxiety, struggling to function daily and would sleep for long periods of time. She turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms to block and suppress her emotions that she was going through everyday.

To present day, Lucy has completely turned her life round by making huge life changes, removing herself from negative and toxic environments whilst maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. She has also focused on eating healthy and working out. 

Bereavement Icon - My journey

We can relate to your situation

Doing the deep work required for Lucy to process & let go of her pain & the past, forgive herself & others, focus on creating & rebuilding her new life. She has learnt self love, self worth & self respect, how to live in the present, not fear the future & enjoy every day. She has found her inner peace & true happiness & most certainly to LOVE LIFE AGAIN.

“Remember, its not one day, it’s day one”

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