Grief affects everyone differently and how you feel may change over time. You might feel tired, anxious, sad or angry. Grief can also cause problems with concentration and sleeping. All of these things can affect your work. You might be thinking about how long your feelings of grief might last for or how long it might affect your work. This is different for everyone and there is no set timeframe for grief. 

All of our workshops can be held on site if your business has the space.

or they are held at Blackbrook Barns, London Road, Lichfield, WS140PS

If you need any further assistance you can contact us on 0121 387 3727.

Workshop for grief in the workplace

We offer 12 x 1 hour sessions of our 

1-1 grief to growth coaching programmes for the workplace.

If you would like to consider multiple 1-1 sessions for your employees we can negotiate a reduced rate.

Are your employees experiencing:

  • Higher than normal rate of errors or inaccuracies 
  • Apathy or questioning if you should quit your job or find a new one
  • Daydreaming 
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing on a specific task 
  • Failing to accomplish more than you wanted to get done 
  • Long period off work 
  • Increase stress levels
  • Experiencing burnout 

Helping your employees cope, manage and heal

Grief workshops for the workplace

We can complete 2 workshops in one day with morning & afternoon sessions at a reduced rate. We can handle a maximum of 10 people per workshop spanning over 3 hours.

What’s included:

  • Understand grief and trauma
  • The impacts on our mental, emotional and physical health
  • Discovering their grief and trauma timeline
  • Self-care guidance 
  • Health and fitness coaching 
  • Tools and techniques to cope with moving forward
  • Managing life and work balance (to stop burnout)
  • Group hypnotherapy session
Workshop for grief in the workplace

Email or call to organise a workshop for your employees

Help your employees be the best version of themselves today.

“Remember, its not one day, it’s day one”

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